Dairy Products for Confectionery, Gastronomy and Ice Cream Professionals

Created for Professionals

For over 70 years OSM Bieruń has been dedicated to providing top quality dairy products. Nowadays our company combines long time tradition and experience with modern production technology. It is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of dairy products for confectionery, baking and HoReCa.

We specialize in producing fresh curd cheese, cream, yoghurt and mozzarella. In order to keep pace with growing needs of our Customers, we have developed a state-of-art production line for UHT products and pasta filata cheese. Our knowledge in the area of dairy industry technology has been broadened, through partnerships with European specialists, whose experience is invaluable for implementing new solutions.

Always looking for ways to improve our products, at OSM Bieruń we strive to continue the tradition of making quality dairy products while keeping up with the new trends in professional dairying.

We are aware that all technology and planning would mean nothing without skilful management and devoted staff. At OSM Bieruń, we believe that our success is based on true partnerships developed between our customers and our team.

We look forward to a successful business relationship with You!


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